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“As an executive career coach, I want to teach employees how to be more productive and in their personal lives, I want to show families and individuals how to better manage their time so they can realize and reach their goals.”

Shalanda Tookes Wilder, M.A., CPCC, CEIP 

TookesWilder Guidance LLC

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“What I believe I have been called to do is to inspire and empower people through conversation.”


Angel Charmaine

Speak Up, Sis!

“We all have the ability and we all have the resources within us to live the life we want to live.”


Dr. John McGrail                                      

A Better You, Inc.


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“Never lose your hope and faith.”                                                                             


Joyce Fields                                                                                                     


“Life is not meant to be a solo sport. It is meant to grow and develop within a community-find your community.”

 Tiffany Sheppeard 

Desire Greatness