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Through her thought provoking seminars and webinars, you are given practical time management and goal setting tools for immediate use that will guide you in your career and everyday life.



Change Management: Getting off the Procrastination Wheel

        This program is perfect for:

  • ​teams needing to set clear goals
  • people needing help getting focused
  • businesses implementing organizational change

 The audience will leave with:

  • ​why goals fail
  • how to set clear, successful goals
  • how to implement change
  • a 90-day challenge to change

Energize Your Team

Attendees are taught self-analysis, time management, goal setting and other productivity techniques within a team setting. They are individually challenged to think on a higher level and to put their thoughts into action. 


5 Steps to Making Any Relationship Work

The audience will learn:

  • ​how to deal with conflict
  • assertiveness over aggression and passiveness
  • communication skills that can be effectively applied to the workplace and beyond

​This presentation provides attendees with skills they can start applying in any relationship- work, friendship, and familial. 

Shalanda’s mission is to equip individuals and  businesses with the skills they need to reach career and business goals. 


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