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5 Step Career Accelerator Mini Course


How long has it been since you practiced for an interview? Most people focus on their resume and neglect to prepare for the interview. The resume gets your foot in the door but the interview gets your butt in the seat. Let’s brush up on your interviewing skills and get ahead of the competition with this interactive 1-day workshop, a shortened version of the Career Accelerator Program. Attendees will learn the three steps I use to help clients land interviews and job offers.


   We will work on:

  • resume building
  • how to manage time when conducting a job search
  • how to craft an organizational message that shows hiring managers why you’re a perfect fit for their organization
  • phone and in-person interview etiquette and more.

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5 Step Career Accelerator Program



This program dives deep into the steps I use to help people land their dream career. Remember, the resume gets your foot in the door but the interview gets your butt in the seat. I’ll work with you on everything from creating an attention-grabbing resume, crafting answers to common interview questions, appropriate dress, and exuding confidence to help you ace your upcoming interview.

                                     Participants learn: 

  • resume writing
  • how to answer interview questions effectively
  • to craft an organizational message
  • self branding
  • time management and goal setting
  • salary negotiation

Money back guarantee

Land an interview within 30 days of completing this program or your money back.


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High School/College Student Career Coaching

packages are priced according to number of students receiving training 

Students will learn how to apply the same 3 principles I use with the more experienced career seekers.

Training is also available for organizational employees who would like to learn how to administer the student coaching program.


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Employee Productivity Coaching


There are times when employees have been promoted or have been given job duties they find overwhelming. This package is great for organizations who would like to tap into employees’ potential. We’ll work on managing priorities, how to deal with overwhelm and improve overall productivity. 


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