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Join me as my guests and I discuss everything from relationships to career advancement. Featured guests share inspiring stories and expert information.

“As an executive career coach, I want to teach employees how to be more productive and in their personal lives, I want to show families and individuals how to better manage their time so they can realize and reach their goals.”

Shalanda Tookes Wilder, M.A., CPCC, CEIP 

TookesWilder Guidance LLC

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“What I believe I have been called to do is to inspire and empower people through conversation.”


Angel Charmaine

Speak Up, Sis!

“We all have the ability and we all have the resources within us to live the life we want to live.”


Dr. John McGrail                                      

A Better You, Inc.


Twitter: drjohnmcgrail

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“Never lose your hope and faith.”                                                                             


Joyce Fields                                                                                                     

“Life is not meant to be a solo sport. It is meant to grow and develop within a community-find your community.”

 Tiffany Sheppeard 

Desire Greatness

Facebook and Instagram: DesireGreatnessCoaching

LinkedIn: Tiffany Sheppeard

“In order to communicate with people, you need to engage their imagination.”


Maestro Roger Nierenberg

“Spend the time and (unfortunately) the money to get to know yourself. Do something to learn who you are and how your brain works and what your strengths are. It’s worth it to know who you are and then once you know who you are, decide how does that fit into what you want to do with your life.”

Michael Jaquith 

Host of Catholic Commute podcast

“No matter how much debt you have, there is hope for your situation. You might feel like you’re drowning in debt or you don’t see a way out of it, but there are things you can do and get yourself out of the debt that you have.”

Karen Ford


“What I tell men especially is that a woman really wants you to be a leader of your family. She really wants you to show your share of leadership. She wants you to show your share, make your share of decisions.”

Elliott Katz


“You have to take control of your calendar. You have to block time out to do the work that you need to do individually. You have to block out time to think.”

Karen Walker 



Twitter: karenwalkerus

LinkedIn: karenwalkerus

“Know when you are wearing your mask, meaning you are keeping up a front so everybody else thinks that you’re okay, so that you won’t burden everyone you care about…Be aware when you are really having a mask on as a part of your lifestyle.”

Natasha Oates



Facebook and Instagram: natashainspires 

“Don’t give up and utilize the internet for what it’s worth. Follow your dreams. Keep going where you’re going. Stay on your path no matter what and learn as much as you can.”

Willy Wesley

Instagram: wokeandfly1




Jesse Staton   

Instagram: wokeandflyjess

“Find compassion for yourself. You didn’t get here accidentally if you struggle with weight, struggle with food. There’s an underlying reason why it’s happening. Try to be less judgmental against yourself.”

Michelle Hastie Thompson



Facebook: Totalbodyhealthsolutions 

Instagram: @TotalBodyHealthSolutions 

“Become a true seeker and have an open mind and get your ego out of the way.”

James Goi Jr.



“Building positive habits, it takes practice. It’s not something that can happen overnight. It takes practice. It takes commitment and it also takes patience.”

Georgia Woodbine



“You can openly say ‘I’m looking to find the love of my life’.”

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge



“Go out and at least make steps toward whatever particular goal you would like.”

June Ahern



“Follow your heart. Follow your dreams.”

Susan Neal



“Start asking yourself what gives you joy. What brings a natural feeling of contentment and enjoying your life and take stock of that.”

Dawn James



“Nothing changes until you change.”

Sora Vernicoff


“Your voice matters. So whatever field you’re working and whatever way you’re wanting to make a difference and have influence, don’t believe the tapes in your head that say your voice doesn’t matter, nobody wants to hear what you have to say because of where you’re from or who you are or what you do and that your voice is less significant. You believe that the world needs the ideas you have then find a way to bring them. “

Ron Carucci 



Twitter: RonCarucci

LinkedIn: RonCarucci

“Don’t wait until you retire to start thinking about your brain health.”

Steven Howard



“Intuition is a muscle you have to continue to work and acknowledge so it gets stronger.”

Andrea Hall


Facebook: witherswhisper

LinkedIn: AndreaHall

Instagram: witherswhisper

Twitter: witherswhisper

“Find out who your kid’s friends are. Invite them over to your house and see what kind of friends your kid has.”

Clete Bulach




“You can do it. Pick a place…Clutter can be affecting your health…Clearing the clutter can give you clarity.”

McPatti Langston


Facebook: McOrganize

LinkedIn: McPatti Langston

Instagram: McOrganize4u


“Evaluate what you are doing, how your life is going; sit down, look at it, and then make a conscious decision to make change.”

Samuel Capelli



“Happiness is a skill and it can be learned.”

Yvette Costa


“If you have this burning desire to step outside of the norm and really do something that really fulfills you, don’t let other people hold you back because you are going to have those dream crushers.”

Kay Sanders

LinkedIn: Kay Sanders

Instagram: Kayrsanders


“Honor what your creative genius is…Whatever makes you excited and makes you get up out of bed and makes you jump up and say, ‘I’m excited to do this,’ whether it’s x, y, or z, follow that…Tune in to what your heart wants.”

Barbara Cox


“We shape our brain like silly-putty through our thoughts.”

Phil DeLuca



“Trust yourself. You always know. Even though you don’t know how or why you know, you always know for yourself.”

Jamie Lerner


“You have to focus on your current network and your future network.”

Marc Miller


“Give yourself a fighting chance by at least having confidence in yourself…Know where you’re heading and develop the confidence in yourself to get there.”

Cornelius Simon


Cornelius Simon